What are the different types of lash enhancements?

Welcome to the World of Lash Enhancements!  There are many options available!

Strip lashes: a band of lashes(synthetic, human, mink, feather, etc.) glued onto ONE strip.  Applied with a temporary adhesive(mostly laytex) therefore the lashes must be removed daily.  Takes about 5-10 minutes to apply and can be worn on the upper and lower lash lines.

Flares/Clusters/Tabbs: 8-10 synthetic hairs bunched together on one little knot. Four sizes/lengths available, applied under/between/on top of your natural lashes.  These enhancements can be worn up to a week.  Takes about 25-30 minutes to apply. (More Info) (Pictures)

Semi-Permanent extensions: INDIVIDUAL synthetic hairs applied to your natural lashes ONE by ONE.  These extensions look and feel the most natural of all the lash enhancements available.  (More Info) (Pictures)

Eyelash Implants: This can ONLY be performed by a DOCTOR!  Hair is taken from the back of your head and implanted into your eyelids. (More Info)


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How long do the temporary lashes and eyelash extensions last?

Strip lashes are applied daily, must removed before going to sleep.  Temporary lashes (flares) usually last 1 WEEK.  Semi-Permanent eyelash extensions can last several weeks...even longer with fills

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Which set of Xtreme Lashes® should I choose for my first appointment?

Since these semi-permanent lashes are attached one by one to your natural lashes, a full set depends on your natural lashes.  Most people have at least 100 natural lashes per eye.  A basic set of lashes (Baby Eyes) are about 75 lash extensions applied per eye. If you are new to these extensions, I suggest starting with a basic set.  You can always "upgrade" to a fuller set during your fill appointment.

Some people may have more or less than 100 natural lashes per eye.  During consultation, you will be notified if an upgrade is an option for you.


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How is the service performed?

Temporary flares are applied while slightly reclined in a chair or on a massage table...contact lenses can remain in the eye during the application.  Process takes about 25-30 minutes to complete.  Individual flares are applied on top of, inbetween or under you natural lashes.  Semi-Permanent eyelash extensions are applied while fully reclined on a massage table, contact lenses must be removed, eyes will be closed during entire procedure.  A single synthetic lash is applied to your natural lashes one by one!  This process takes AT LEAST 90 minutes!


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Does the extensions make my natural lash fall out?

There is a major difference between the extensions!  The TEMPORARY lashes, if worn for more than the recommended time, damage may occur.  Temporary lashes are to be worn for no more than a week at a time.  With the SEMI-PERMANENT extensions, some of the extensions will SHED with your natural lash and some may fall off with normal wear.  Your natural lashes go through a cycle every 60-90 days...with the semi-permanent extensions, fills are recommended.

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When will I need a "fill"?

This varies with each client.  Since your natural lashes will shed over the 60-90 day period, a fill every 2-3 weeks is recommended with semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Some extensions will shed WITH your natural lash and some of the extensions may fall off on their own.  A new set of temporary extensions should be applied after 7 days!

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What happens when I come in for a "fill" appointment?

Your lashes are cleaned-removing any makeup residue(from mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, etc) from the extensions, your ntural lashes and the eye lids. Removal of extensions that have grown out from your natural lashes(NO cutting of ANY extensions or natural lashes).  Priming of your lashes for new extensions. New extensions are then added.

*Arriving to the appointment with eye makeup on may take away from the service time, please come in with a clean face to ensure more time is spent on ADDING extensions.


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How do I take care of my new lashes?

 Avoid RUBBING, PULLING OR TOUCHING YOUR LASH EXTENSIONS!!.  (If you have a habit of pulling on your own lashes I suggest NOT getting extensions!) Here is where the extensions differ:

Temporary flares- wash face noramally, apply make-up, no swimming, very careful in shower, no sauna, extremely careful while sleeping during the entire time you wear the extensions

Semi-permament eyelash extensionsafter the first 48 hours you can go swimming, in the sauna, shower, facials, apply make-up, be careful not to sleep directly on your face!

Sleeping: you WILL loose more lashes on the side that you sleep on!  You may invest in a different PILLOW to ensure your lashes are not being pressed into while sleeping. There are examples of these pillows in the studio.


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Can I curl my eyelash extensions?

Temporary lashes-NO! They will already have a beautiful natural curl, no eyelash curler needed! 

The semi-permanent eyelash extensions also have more curl...yet for those who just can't do without...I recommend the Xtreme Lashes®  Heated Eyelash Curler!


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Is the extension glued to my skin?

NO! Temporary flares are attached to your lashes at the base of your lash line.  Each semi-permanent lash extension is attached to your natural lash, about 1mm away from your eyelid.

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What should I do BEFORE I get my eyelash extensions?

Cleanse your eyelids & lashes thoroughly, remove contact lenses (for semi-permanent extensions) and no make-up around the eye.  It is recommended not to get the lashes wet or apply ANY eye makeup for the first 48 hours, so its best to come in with a clean face!

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How long will the prodecure take?

Temporary extensions take about 15-20 minutes to apply.  Since semi-permanent extensions are done lash by lash, it will take at least 90 minutes to apply.  Please allow an extra 5-10 minutes to fill out a confidential client profile for the Xtreme Lashes®  service.

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Can the lah extensions be removed?

YES!  If at anytime or for any reason you want to remove the lashes, a special formula can be applied for SAFE and EASY removal!  I do NOT suggest removing the lash extensions yourself! An appointment can be made for removal of both temporary and Xtreme Lashes® .

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Do I have to get the same lashes as everyone else?

NO!  Lashes By Toya, LLC provides XtremeLashes® eyelash extensions in various lengths, diameters, colors and curl.  The temporary lashes(flares) come in four different lengths-xtra short, short, medium and long

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Can I wear makeup with my extensions ?

With the temporary lashes, be careful applying makeup close to the extensions.  The ingediants in your makeup can "break down" the adhesive and remove the extensions quicker.  XtremeLashes® has makeup products escpecially made for their eyelash extensions: Makeup Remover/Facial Cleanser, GlideLiners®(eyeliners), Mascara, Lint-Free brushes and more.  Regardless of what brand is used, clean the area around your extensions thoroughly!  We have natural oils in our skin that can also break down the adhesive...may have to clean around your eyes more often because of the oils in sweat (especially during the hotter seasons and/or exercise). 


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Who is performing this service?

VA Licensed Cosmetologist

Advance Certified-Xtreme Lashes® Stylist of the Month

March 2010

you can find me on the XtremeLashes Lash Stylist Directory


Lashologist, Toya!


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